This article about a trip I took with my friend Sarah Thomas appeared in the June '99 issue of "Transgender Community News" magazine.

The Glamour Boutique The arrangements were made, Sarah and I were going to Boston to avail ourselves of Jamie Austin's fabulous makeover skills. If you haven't visited Jamie's website ("Jamie Austin's Makeover Girls") to see examples of what she can do with a makeup brush, click on over. She is a genius with paint and powder. We had been talking over the net for the past year and finally had managed to plan a face to face meeting.

While visiting Jamie we also made plans to go out on the town with some of our other virtual girlfriends in the Boston area. We rented a vehicle for the occasion and promptly dubbed her the "Snow Queen" in recognition of the snowstorm forecast for our destination.

Let the packing begin, and go on, and on, and on. Amanda, as usual packed everything; literally everything. She had 10 bags to her credit ("a girl has to have her little necessities"). Sarah, no light packer herself; in her haste to make it to the rendezvous on time left without her selection of dresses. Our trip northeast to Boston began with a one-hour detour west to retrieve the forgotten articles. We were off to a good start.

The weather was beautiful, we had our toons taken care of courtesy of a portable Discman and an eclectic selection of CD's (no pun intended). So off we went.

Joanie's directions

Amanda was in charge of transportation and directions for this trip. This is a mistake we will not soon repeat. Let's just say that we saw a bit more of the local scenery than was actually required on our way there. We found ourselves on a miniscule state road somewhere around New Haven Connecticut, with no real idea how to get back on the interstate. Good fortune was on our side though. We pulled into a little service station and asked the attendant, Joanie if she could possibly save our butts and get us back on the right track. It turns out that Joanie was a truck driver for 15 years and knew exactly where we needed to go. Thank you Joanie!

As we approached our destination the excitement continued to grow. We were entering a world of glamour and good times. Girls, we were ready!

We checked into the motel and immediately began making our connections. Plans were put into place for an 11:00 rendezvous with our friends Jasmine and Lisa at a place called "Friend's Landing" in Haverhill Massachusetts.

After a few minutes (hours!) of painting and powdering we were ready to go public. We fired up the Snow Queen and headed to the local mall. First stop, Filene's Basement. We needed to pick up a few little dainty essentials. The other customers in the store were apparently totally oblivious to our glamour! What's a girl to do without attention? Guess everyone was just too busy picking up on the great bargains. Bras for five bucks!

Next stop food! There was a trendy bistro in the mall across the street from Filene's, so we headed on over. Parking out front we approached the hostess and inquired about seating. A 40 minute wait; damn, no lovely sit down pasta dinner for us. We just didn't have the time so we switched to plan B and cruised over to Border's Bookstore for some espresso and a cookie. Finding a little corner table we settled in and again went completely unnoticed! This trip was getting to be a bit disappointing!

Our caffeine levels restored, we headed back to the motel room to glam up a bit for the late evening activities. Another few minutes in front of the mirror and we were out the door to Friend's Landing. An hour's drive later we arrived at Friend's. It's a pretty nondescript little building along a main street in Haverhill. Upon entering we discovered a very welcoming atmosphere encompassing 5 separate bar areas with dancing, pool and karaoke available for your evening's pleasure.

Our girlfriends Jasmine and Lisa had arrived before us. No big surprise there. You see it's a well-known fact that there is "regular time", "drag time" and "Amanda time". I just can't get anywhere on schedule. Jasmine greeted us at the door and we all sat down for drinks and conversation. It was fabulous to meet these girls in person after getting to know each other over the past year in only a virtual sense.

After getting acquainted we went downstairs and played a little pool. Girls the laws of physics change when you're in 3" heels and sporting 38D's. Let's just say it was an educational experience. Time flies when you are having fun, and it was soon time to head home. We said our good-byes for the night and headed home. We had a very big day ahead of us.

Saturday morning came much too soon, but troopers that we are it was out of bed and ready to go! Our plans for the day were to proceed to Jamie's makeover home base "The Glamour Boutique" ( for a day of makeovers and photo sessions. This was to be followed by a night on the town in Boston. Checking the weather forecast gave us little encouragement. In excess of 6 inches of snow was predicted for the area before midnight. We had a light breakfast, made a couple of phone calls, packed our clothes into the Snow Queen and headed out.

We arrived shortly at the Glamour Boutique. It was early yet, but Jamie greeted us at the door. Girls, this place is great! John the owner has assembled a fabulous collection of clothes, wigs, lingerie and shoes. He's got everything in larger sizes and the prices are great. We were in heaven! Jamie was ready for us. Sarah sat down for the first transformation. Amanda shopped the boutique.

The makeover takes about 30 or 40 minutes. Jamie is truly an artist. She can transform anyone into a glamorous creature. She has an array of tools at her disposal and applies concealer, foundation, shadows, lashes, blush and contour. The finishing touch is her trademark lips. Slip on one of the gorgeous wigs in John's shop and the transformation is complete. The moment we gazed at our new selves in the mirror our lip glossed mouths dropped open. Absolutely awesome! I'll say it one more time. Go to "The Glamour Boutique" in Auburn, Massachusetts and have Jamie Austin make you the goddess you've always known you could be!

No No! The day was more than we could ever have dreamed. We spent the next 6 or 7 hours posing for the camera, trying on outfits and having an absolutely outrageous time. Throughout the day several other girls stopped by for makeovers or just to chat. It was glamour and girl-talk to the max! Each new girl that Jamie applied her skills to was a revelation. All this time, the snow was piling up outside. It had reached 4 inches by the time we were ready to leave, just the same height as our heels! We packed our things and said our good-byes to Jamie, John and Tasha. With wigs securely strapped to the tops of our heads we headed out into the windy and snowy night.

You would think that at this point we'd be all dragged out. Wrong! We still had our night on the town to look forward to. Our fearless tour leader Jasmine Lee had arranged for a stretch limousine to pick us up at the motel. We didn't care about the snow or the wind anymore. Our driver Michael arrived promptly at 9:00 and ushered six of the foxiest girls in Massachusetts into the back of the white stretch. Champagne and excited girl talk filled our ride to "Jacques Cabaret" in Boston. Michael was a perfect gentleman. He even helped us take a few pictures to remember the evening by.

The limousine pulled up to the curb in front of Jacques' and Michael opened the door for us. I must admit, there were more than a few stares as the six of us gracefully exited the limo. Nobody fell on their butt in the snow, honest!

Entering Jacques' for the first time is a very memorable experience. It's a warm friendly local kind of club similar to many I've been to in Chicago, New York and elsewhere. There are lots of gentleman seated at the bar and playing pool in the front, and plenty of ladies situated throughout the establishment. The only difference is that the vast majority of these ladies have a little something extra. Jacques' is a full time drag bar. The most beautiful transgender girls in Boston can be seen here on just about any night. On weekends they have a great drag show in the back room and local bands playing in the basement.

The best thing about this club is the people. We received a warm welcome from everyone as we made our way to the bar. There were instant introductions and conversations breaking out everywhere. We met famous web-masters and web-mistresses. Beautiful t-girls from the Boston area, and gentlemanly admirers, there to sample the scenery. It was a wonderful time. We felt as though it was old home week and our family was glad to see us.

New friendships, and lasting memories were our souvenirs as we left Jacques' at midnight. Oh did I forget to mention that Jacques' closes at midnight? No problem. Michael had the limousine waiting for us out front. We slipped into the back and headed out of the city.

Our next destination was a marvelous place called "The Randolph Country Club." It's located outside of Boston and is a country club that has been converted into a huge dance club. The clientele is primarily gay and lesbian and very friendly! We made our way to one of the upstairs dance clubs. This place is huge! Our little band of beauties split up as we entered the club. Half of us hit the dance floor and the other half cornered an open pool table. We generated a great deal of interest at both locations. There were gentlemen ready and willing to help us refine our pool shooting skills and ladies at the ready to mix it up with us on the dance floor. It was the perfect end to a perfect evening.

All good things really do come to an end. We stayed as long as they'd let us, but at about 2:30 it was time to hit the limo again. We waved goodbye to our new country club friends and made our way back to the parking lot.

We filled the ride back to the motel with more girl talk and plans for our next visit back to this great city. Back at the motel we said our farewells to the best bunch of limo riding' party girls around. It was sad to watch them go, but we did so knowing we'll be back again soon.

To see more of the pics from this shoot just click on the rose above!

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